Beauty Point Transformation

Termites destroyed the original home...

Beauty Point Transformation/Renovation

This old cottage was full of asbestos & upon further demolition termites.  We unfortunately had no choice but to strip it back to the brick base and rebuild from there up. 

But what transformed from the new renovation & extension was an absolutely stunning, high quality, classy home.  Not only did this home have so much more room, they added a 9 m pool and pool deck to the rear of the house.  

We truly love this home & our clients here were nothing short of amazing! How lucky we are to be able to build these special  homes for such fantastic clients!

Set amongst beautiful gardens & so close to Camel Rock beach.

Fairhaven - Extension

This older style brick home needed a bit more room. So we have now extended out the back, building new rooms upstairs, as well as a massive room downstairs and extending the storage area as well. 

There is a combination of materials used including double glazed windows, Hardwood timber, Colour Bond Cladding as well as some fibro sheets that are being rendered to finish off the sides of the house. This extension is still being completed but these images give you an idea of progress so far... 

There is a large flyover roof on the front verandah (not yet shown), as well as side decks & a back sitting area.  The overall appearance of the home has changed dramatically & it sits overlooking stunning Wallaga Lake with beautiful sunny views that can now be enjoyed from this new space provided. 


House Extension

Wallaga Lake NSW

seaview studio finished (2).jpg

Backyard Studio

Room for Guests

Large Backyard Studio

This backyard studio is an amazing extra space for these lovely clients of ours. 

Not only do they now have room for different crafts & hobbies, they also have a small bathroom so they can keep 1 room ready for guests. 

The studio roof is also set up to collect rainwater that then feeds back into the plumbing for the studio. 

And they have been busy creating a beautiful garden to surround the studio.  An ideal solution for if you need a bit more room and have plenty of space in your backyard. 

Boat & Car Storage

This huge brick garage was built to match the existing house. The new garage is big enough for a large boat and a 4WD to fit inside together. 

There is also a concrete ramp at the back for easy access to the backyard if needed. 

The large garage also has a shower, toilet & vanity.  This way after a long day fishing this keen fisherman can shower in the garage without making any mess inside the house. 

A fantastic addition that keeps both the fisherman & his wife happy. 


Boat Storage

This massive brick garage is a fantastic boat storage space

for a keen fisherman


Pool Entertaining Area

Amazing Home Oasis & Pool Area

This is what dreams are made of... Your own private pool in your backyard, hidden from neighbours, with a huge deck to sit & enjoy the sunny days.  With a heat pump to make this usable all year round. 

This deck was purpose built around the 9m fibreglass above ground pool.  The deck is blackbutt hardwood and meets all the BAL requirements. 

Why not create your own private space at home? We all spend time at home yet we are always too busy to create an area we will love.  These clients love the beach, but on windy days, they can still swim, in complete privacy and that's worth every cent for these lucky home owners.